The top 3 hottest ski goggle trends of 2020!

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Every new season we are looking to provide you with the best gear, so this year we have been working with influential people in the ski and snowboarding industry to see what their top ski goggle trends of 2020 are! Let's take a look...
Ike Huffman's choice of goggles for the 2020 season are this awesome pair of 'Team Air Goggles'
He goes onto mention 'My favorite goggles hands down are the Airblaster Air Goggles. They are simple, high quality goggles. They never fog up and do their job with an assuming excellence. I always enjoyed how the styling was classic and timeless, and they simply were made to perform. They are like the gear of the old days, high quality and meant to last forever. I’ve never been disappointed with the Airblaster Air Goggles.'


Similar to Ike's pick, we have our own high performance anti-fog goggles. You can grab our Yellow Freeze Frame goggles from here!



Learn more about Ike in his own words ...@halecreativeco... 



'My name is Ike Huffman, I was born and raised in the northwest, in Washington state. I grew up teaching snowboarding as well as forging new runs in the backcountry. I now live on the big island of Hawaii and do everything I can to portray and tell the stories of men and women who live out their lives to the fullest.'



Maria's favourite 2020 goggles are our own Color Splash goggles from our Freedom Collection @ only $29.99! Grab yours here!

She goes onto mention ...'My choice for Goggles for 2020 is 2 lenses that can be easily swapped. Polarized for sunny days and pink shade for the stormy ones.'

Learn more about Maria @bulgarianmermaid

'I am an aspiring surfer and snowboarder, former exercise and fitness junkie, mindful yoga practitioner, amateur dancer, wellness and nutrition follower, strong believer that everything is possible, loving life and riding it gently on a natural high!'

Read Maria's hilarious and informative blog on 'How to survive ski season opening day with a snow crazed girlfriend!' here...




 And finally the 3rd hottest 2020 goggle trend is our very own Snow & Swell Black Spec Freestyle goggles. A high performance anti-fog and anti-glare technology at only $39.99! You can get yours here


 These goggles are recommended by Sheyenne who's an avid snowsports blogger. Check out her video breakdown of these specific goggles here in our instagram stories.


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